Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fully Stacked Bakery Review & Giveaway!

Through all my breastfeeding ups and downs--there's been more than a few, I've been lucky enough to have a great supply! So, while I was always curious about lactation cookies, I never had a pressing need for them. Now, my little guy is 15 months old and is still breastfeeding (yay!), but since he also eats solids, I feel like my supply has dropped a bit. This felt like the perfect time to experiment with lactation cookies!

Fully Stacked Bakery definitely has the best name for a lactation cookie company that I've ever heard. They had my vote right off the bat with that witty name, but they also happen to have INCR-EDIBLE cookies! Sarah and her husband have teamed-up to bring delicious cookies to the breastfeeding mamas who need to pump-up their supply. They sent me a dozen Dark Chocolate & Raisin Milk Gusher Lactation Cookies separated in two foodsaver bags. I put one bag in the fridge and the other into the freezer on recommendation that they were excellent frozen. It's completely true. Frozen has become my favorite way to eat them.

Even if these cookies didn't increase my milk supply, I'd still love them. They taste amazing, are a great snack or dessert, and are the perfect size. But, they did up my supply!! Now, luckily Logan is a great little nurser, so I didn't get engorged, but he had some extra milk every time I ate a cookie.

Aside from how tasty they are, they're made up of wholesome ingredients, most of which are organic. They reminded me a lot of homemade granola bars. Honestly, if I needed an energy boost, I'd eat a Fully Stacked Bakery cookie.

And besides being mom & little man approved, Daddy liked them, too! Although, I had to endure silly questions such as, "Will I start lactating if I eat these?"

So, if you're looking for a delicious, healthy, milk-gusher cookie to help boost your supply, these are for you!

Head over to Fully Stacked Bakery's Etsy Page & use this coupon code: MAMAJOURNEY24 for 10% off your order.

Plus, enter the #fullystackedgiveaway below to win your own batch!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


There is no doubt in my mind that when the dryer breaks it is ALWAYS a bad situation, but none so awful as when you're a cloth diapering parent with a wet load of freshly cleaned diapers in the washer and the sun has already set for the day. Trust me, this is not the time you want to find out your dryer is broken. If, like me, you procrastinate about when you do cloth diaper laundry, there is a giant load of laundry in that washer and your clean stash has almost been wiped out. I call this a dire situation. But, as every cloth diapering parent knows, "shit happens."

So, I loaded those clean damp diapers in the laundry basket and brought them inside. I was  determined to hang them all and any surface that might work as a drying rack was to be used!

The obvious place was the bathroom, but I quickly learned that the shower rod, while perfectly convenient, will only hold so many prefolds. 

And for that reason (and many more) I LOVE my resourceful husband. He turned our den/Logan's room into the ultimate drying rack. Seriously, we had cloth diapers hanging everywhere including off the fan and the ceiling. 

Most of our diapers dried overnight. The thicker nighttime ones took two days to dry completely. Honestly, I could've taken them out to finish drying in the sun, but without a dryer to fluff them afterward, they would've been hard and scratchy. 

Have you had an inconvenient dryer situation? 

Do any of y'all not have dryers at all? If so, how do you like to dry your clothes?

Love to hear other stories!

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