Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Evolve -- Be Beautiful, Do Beautiful

It's very rare, that as a SAHM in a one-car household, I get to go to any kind of ladies night. Most days, the hubby doesn't even come home before 10, so there is just no time. But last Thursday, I made the time and attended a blogger event at Evolve Boutique, conveniently located close to home in the TPC shopping center down the street from Alamo Draft-house. I'm so pleased that I was able to attend as it was the most amazing event! The store, which I had never been in before, is warm & inviting with racks and racks of gorgeous, elegant, and yet understated and comfortable clothes. These clothes are PERFECT for moms--from the new ones looking to adapt to dressing their once baby bump to the seasoned moms who just need a quick, cute, and comfy outfit to make the long day ahead a little more beautiful.
I walked in not knowing what to expect, fearing that my post-baby bod would not be able to pull off these hot styles, but I walked out with quite a few outfits, a bounce in my step, and big smile on my face. And that's just the clothes.

The owner of Evolve Boutique, Victoria, is an amazing woman. She is kind, and completely unassuming, very rare for a business owner of just 27 years. In case that wasn't enough, she believes in supporting causes right here at home, and around the world. Evolve Boutique is currently helping:

  • An orphanage in Uganda that supports 16 children whose parents have passed away from HIV/AIDS by selling Ugandan crafts.
  • To prevent sexual assault by selling Kuros products. For every one you buy at Evolve, a can of pepper spray is donated to women in need, so that they have a way to defend themselves. Since, statistically, one in five women faces sexual assault, this is a very big deal.
  • To promote #AutismAwareness by donating 10% of Evolve's online sales to the Autism Community Network. See more on Evolve Boutique's blog!
In addition to helping these extremely worthwhile causes, Victoria also decorates her boutique with San Antonio art students' work, so that they have a place to display their vision. Plus, she works closely with small businesses to bring in lovely and unique clothes, many of which are made right here in the U.S. And one line of jewelry that Evolve Boutique carries, Kendra Scott, is made by an artist originally out of Austin. I seriously cannot love this more because supporting local and small business is very important to me!
I am completely impressed by everything that Evolve Boutique is doing! Victoria's vision of Be Beautiful, Do Beautiful is perfect. She helps women, moms especially, go out into their everyday life with poise and confidence. It makes so much sense to me that when you feel good about the way you look, you feel ready to tackle the world head on.

For mamas this season, Victoria is recommending over-sized sweaters/cardigans, riding boots with boot socks, Aztec prints for a fun color pop, high rise jeans to keep the mama belly under control, infinity scarves, and an accent piece of jewelry such as a Kendra Scott necklace. And, like most new mamas discover, you can't go wrong with a maxi dress in your wardrobe. Dressed up or down, it's perfect. 

The swag bag I received had a bunch of awesome goodies including a hair spray from Pure Posh and a sample of Glo Minerals powder, which many of you know is my go-to for my trouble skin--see more here. But the most notable goodie was a pair of fleece-lined black leggings from Evolve Boutique as a blogger gift! I put them on first thing the next morning to go get my stitches out {long story} and refused to take off because they are so freakin' wonderful. A one-size fits all-feels like pajamas go-to item for every woman this fall/winter. Seriously, you NEED a pair. Slip on your favorite boots, add a sweater, a scarf, and a jacket and head out the door.

And lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't say a quick thank you to the local businesses that provided the drinks, snacks, and desserts for the event as they were fabulous. World of Beer brought a "girly" cider, which was super tasty although I couldn't partake in a refill (breastfeeding), but I wanted to, and I won a gift certificate during the raffle--can you say date night (you're welcome, husband)! Juicer Heroes brought all manner of creative juice blends in glass bottles (yay for #goinggreen!) and gave out sample-after-sample of truly delicious mixtures. A watermelon, orange, & pineapple was my favorite, and many of the ladies enjoyed it mixed with vodka for a fruity cocktail--yum. Bar Louie sent gorgeous appetizers in giant martini glasses, Luciano made sandwiches and Nothing Bundt Cakes provided bundlets (mini bundts). They are adorable and perfect for parties in case any of you are planning a holiday get-together.

All-in-all a wonderful event put together by lovely Evolve Boutique owner, Victoria, and Erin, owner of Savvy Media Marketing and PR. If you're looking for a way to get your business seen, check out Erin's business.

Show your support for small business by shopping Evolve Boutique!

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Saturday, November 08, 2014

My son was a little monster for Halloween...

...and it was the cutest thing in the world!

Halloween is something I look forward to all year round. I enjoy dressing up, and I LOVE candy. But this year was extra special because it was the first time we got to take our son Trick or Treating! Last year, Little L was just too young and couldn't walk, so we celebrated Halloween at a party.

This year the countdown was on. Since Logan is pretty much oblivious to why Halloween is awesome, Eric and I were definitely more excited, but just one round of ringing a doorbell and collecting his candy, he was hooked! Because he was enjoying himself so much, we went to A LOT more houses than I had planned on. I worried we might bump into that person that would be snotty about us bringing such a young child by, but the warm response we received was the complete opposite. We heard, "Oh, isn't he just the cutest!" And, "What a great name," more times than I could count.

Before we hit the neighborhood Trick of Treating scene, we went down to The Quarry Market. They had Trick or Treating at the various stores and the employees went above and beyond to make sure it was a memorable experience for the kids--many even dressed up. I'm very proud that our city has places for children to go on Halloween if they don't live in a neighborhood. I have to say hands down that Whole Foods was the best! They had crafts, games, snacks, and candy! 

Honestly, I could not have imagined a sweeter first Halloween with our little guy, and the candy is pretty good, too.

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